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Who We Are

We rebuild lives, reconnect families, and strengthen our diverse community.

HAVE Culinary Training Society

HAVE Culinary Training Society is a culinary training school that provides food service job training and work opportunities to individuals in Vancouver who experience barriers to employment. HAVE students are youth and adults facing mental and physical disabilities, poverty, addiction and homelessness.

Over the past 12 years, we have successfully trained 1200+ students with over 75% of those students gaining steady employment in the tourism and hospitality industry.


Individuals reach their highest potential when given respect, hope, trust and opportunities.


HAVE is an environment of open communication, honesty, action and personal responsibility.


Relationships are built on values and the belief that the past informs but does not dictate the future.


Communities are nourished by ethics ending homelessness one human being​ at a time.

Our Philosophy

HAVE provides a community that transforms lives by empowering homeless and disadvantaged men, women, and families to achieve self-sufficiency through life skills, job training and employment in the food service industry. We empower each individual to achieve their highest potential by restoring hope, giving respect, nurturing self-confidence, granting trust, and creating opportunity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help reduce unemployment in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and surrounding communities by providing both occupational and life skills training to people who face various barriers and challenges in life so they may be then placed into stable employment.

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