Assistant Chef Instructor, Glenda Phillips, becomes HAVE's first Red Seal Chef

Assistant Chef Instructor and Red Seal Chef, Glenda Phillips

Glenda first came to HAVE as a student and completed the Culinary Training Program in May 2012. While enrolled in the program, she showed a skill for instructing others. HAVE was pleased to invite her to join the staff, and she has been employed as Assistant Chef Instructor since her graduation.

Glenda's firsthand experience allows her to relate to HAVE students and truly understand where they are coming from. Her hardworking attitude and culinary skills are an inspiration to HAVE staff and students.

Duck Plate by Chef Glenda Phillips

As an Apprentice under Chef Amber Anderson, Glenda completed her Industry Training Authority Red Seal certification in February 2019. Glenda is HAVE's first Red Seal Chef! We are incredibly proud of her dedication to excellence in the culinary arts.